The Norm Of Life

The Norm Of Life

  • 22
  • 2013 г.
  • Short film
  • Drama
  • Genre: drama, criminal
  • Producer: Evgeniy Byalo, Ivan Lopatin
  • Directors: Evgeniy Byalo
  • Scriptwriter: Evgeniy Byalo
  • Starring: Alexander Kasheev, Marina Doronets, Dmitriy Arhangelskiy
The world premiere took place within Cannes Film Festival 2013.
  • Synopsis
    Egor comes home and faces the tragedy. Step by step he starts to understand its real reasons. He realizes it is only his personal tragedy and the human life’s price is different for the rest of us.
  • Participation and victories in film festivals
    • A nominee award in the oficial selection of Cinemataur shorts («To The Home’s Return”) Open Russian Film Festival Cinemataur, Russia, 2013
    • Special Jury Prize in the narrative features for “Learning an intolerable norm of life” – International Short and Animation Film Festival "Open Cinema", Russia, 2013           
    • A nominee of International Tarkovskiy Award in the competition of poetry and cinematography - Ukraine, 2013
    • The best drama – Film Festival “Go on, frame!/Kadr, vpered”, Russia, 2013
    • Jury's award from Polina Raudson – International Independent Film Festival "RuffianFilm-Pure dreams”, Russia, 2013    


    • Cinefondation, a parallel section on Cannes Film Festival, France, 2013
    • International Almati Film Festival «Shaken's Stars», Kazakhstan, 2013
    • VII International Film Festival in the name of Andrey Tarkovskiy «The Mirror», Russia, 2013
    • Russian Short Film Competition of the 35th Moscow International Film Festival, Russia, 2013
    • Shortini Film Festiva, Italy, 2013
    • Non-Competition selection of Russian Shukshinski film Festival, Russia, 2013
    • Russian Film Weeks in Toronto, Canada, 2013       
    • The 12th International Cannes video-festival 12- й, Russia, 2013  
    • The 12th Saint petersburg International Debut And student Film Festival «Inception», Russia, 2013
    • The 2nd Yaroslavl International Short Film Festival «Go, Frame/Kadr, vpered» - non-competition program «From Cannes to Yaroslavl», Россия, 2013
    • Film Festival Cottbus, Germany, 2013
    • KONIK   Film-Festival, Russia, 2013
    • Tofifest International Film Festival, Poland, 2013
    • International Human Rights Film Festival "Stairs", Ukraine, 2013 – non-competition program
    • Real Heroes Festival, Russia, 2013
    • ·     Kyrgyzstan – a land of short films, Kyrgyzstan, 2013 – non-competition program
  • Director


    altEvgeniy Byalo

    Was born in Moscow in 1977. Graduated from MADI, used to do rock-music, entered Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors (the workshop of Kvirikadze, 2012)


    • 2011 – “Night Mode”
    • 2012 – “The Own Truth”
    • 2013 – “Norms of Life”
  • Crew
    • Cast And CrewLeevandia Entertainment company production
    • Composer: Savva Dudin
    • Sound Director: Vyacheslav Nesmeyanov
    • Director of photography: Alexey Knyazev
    • Editor: Mikhail Chernyak
    • Art Director: Galia Sadarova
    • Copyright Holder: Leevandia Entertainment
    • PR-agent of the film: ROSKINO
  • Film gallery
    • The Norm Of Life
    • The Norm Of Life
    • The Norm Of Life

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