Bitter Honey

Bitter Honey

  • 22
  • 2013 г.
  • Short film
  • Documentary
  • Documentary, Soap Opera
  • Genre: narrative documentary, soap opera
  • Producer: Ivan Lopatin, Azamat Huzhametov
  • Director: Ainur Askarov
  • Scriptwriter: Ainur Askarov
  • Starring: Anvar Dilmuhametov
The world premiere opened within the main program on Kazan International festival of Islamic films in 2013.
  • Synopsis
    Forest bee-keeper Anvar is waiting for his grandchildren to visit.
  • Director

    altAinur Askarov

    Was born on the 1st of August 1987.

    In 2008 graduated the Sibay Art College with the “drama actor, the head of creative group” speciality.

    In 2013 graduated from Saint Petersburg Government University Of Cinema and TV with the “directing” speciality.

    Ainur is a nominee for the Saint Petersburg Government Youth Award for his achievements in the cinema industry. A nominee of the government youth award in the honour of Babich. A nominee for the national award “The country”. Took part in more than 200 cinema festivals and has won grand prizes on 37 of them.


    • “A Lady With A Dog” 2009
    • “A Pancake Week” 2010
    • “Enmesh” 2011
    • “We Are Not Slaves” 2012
    • “Vladimir Svetozarov. The Artist Profession” 2012
    • “Bitter Sweet” 2013
    • “Let The Wind Take My Words” 2015
    • “Headrig” 2015 (in the process)
  • Crew
    • Cast and CrewArkaim and Leevandia Entertainment companies’ production
    • Composer: Camil Abdullin
    • Sound Director: Ulai Taulbayev
    • Director of Photography: Anna Rozhetskaya
    • Editor: Alexander Snadin
    • Art Director: Aigul Bairamgulova
    • Copyright Holders: Arkaim Production, Leevandia Entertainment, Ainur Askarov
  • Film gallery
    • Bitter Honey
    • Bitter Honey
    • Bitter Honey
    • Bitter Honey
    • Bitter Honey
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