• 49
  • 2014 г.
  • Short film
  • Drama
  • Producer: Ivan Lopatin, featuring Dmitriy Sushenko
  • Director: Anna Arlanova
  • Scriptwriter: Anna Arlanova

Starring: Alexander Matveev, Nikolay Evtushenko, Nina Slavnova, Olga Rozinova, Alexander Cherkassov

  • Synopsis
    Mitya, the former student of physics university, has been trying to save the life of his dearest person in the world – his grandmother Alexandra Osipovna. When she dies, her grandchild is not going to take it. Despising a misunderstanding and protests from the society, he decides to cryonize (to freeze with ultra low temperature) and give her a new life with that.
  • Director

    altAnna Arlanova

    Was born in Moscow. Finished Russian Academy of Drama. Took part in an amount of Russian films and Tv-series. Has got a directing education in the workshop of Kvirikadze-Dobrovolskiy. “-196” is a graduation work of the director.


    “The Story Of M” 2013
    “-196” – 2014

  • Crew
    • Cast and Crew: Leevandia Entertainment company production
    • Sound director: Andrey Popovyan
    • Director Of Photography: Nikita Rozov Editor: Maria Guskova
    • Art Director: Anastasia Yahnina
    • Copyright Holder: Anna Arlanova
  • Film gallery
    • -196
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    • -196
    • -196

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