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  • 2010 г.
  • Short film
Directed by Christian Canis
  • Participation and victories in film festivals

    Ascension is screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in january 2011.

  • Director

    Ascension is a collaboration between the department of fashion and the department of audiovisual design at the artacademy in Rotterdam. The fashion designers had a clear concept for the film.
    The film is made by Christiaan Kanis. Kanis is a third year filmmaker at the artacademy who’s interested in cinematography and photography. His works have been characterized as dark and mysterious. The human fantasy and the movement of people are what Kanis is interested in. His camerawork and editingskills did come in handy for the production of this film.

    Filmmaker Evie Hoonings collaborated as producer of the film. Hoonings has her history in creating concepts for television, as well as making short films about the beauty and mystery of life.
    Last but not least, musician and filmmaker Jelle ’t Hart collaborated in this film by creating motion graphics as well as making the soundtrack of Ascension.

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