Fortune’s Wheel arcade

The clip is made for the SPRL “MannekenSmiles” company, set on a terminal’s screens.

The arcade Fortune’s Wheel is made for collecting donations for charity.

An official dealer of the production company “Pusk” ( the company “MannekenSmiles” is planning to spread the production in Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Czech, Italy, Greece and etc.
  • Crew
    • Producer – Ivan Lopatin
    • Creative producer – Ilya Solomatin
    • Director – Sergey Frunze
    • Director’s assistant – Anna Smishlyaeva
    • Director of photography – Vladimir Likov
    • Special effects’ director – Nikolay Chernigovskiy
  • Device Assignment
    It is well known that spiral curve founded by German scientist Johannes Kepler in the 17th century is a fundament of our universe evolvement. Hard to argue with the fact that the spiral curve has some magic characteristic, so do great Egyptian pyramids, for example. And it is not a coincidence that people watching the magical movement of coins in that device started to feel relaxed and emotionally high.

    Freed from a special device, the coins move in a circular orbit with speed up and making distinctive sounds.

    The more the coins are closer to the centre of the vortex, the faster the speed becomes and the sound effect is growing as well. The more coins we have in the vortex, all going in different directions, the stronger the effect of watching them becomes.

    The device can be widely used in different public places, shops, molls, on corporative parties, thematic meetings, charity events, children playgrounds, parks, zoos, beaches and so on.

    The device is successfully being used in airports, seaports, railway stations and so on. It is very good for relaxation.

    We suggest making wishes while using the device – they all come true!

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