Moscow premiere of the film “Mother’s Curse”

14 Apr 2015


Moscow premiere of the film “Mother's Curse”, a co-production of Arkaim and Leevandia Entertaiment companies.

On the 19th of April moscovians will be able to watch a new mysterious drama directed by Ainur Askarov based on Turkic dastan. The event will take place at 14:00 in «Saturn» cinema theatre.

The Film “Mother's Curse” written by a playwright Shaura Shakurova is a mysterious drama about the relationships of the mother and her twins sons. Based on a Turkic legend where a mother cursed two naughty sons with her words the film is still on issues of the day. A problem of upbringing, personal relationships and generation conflicts are eternal human race problems. That’s why the film will be interesting for the audience. 

Beautiful landscapes of in Burzyanskiy and Nurimanovskiy areas in Bashkortostan republic were chosen for shooting places. They were beautifully shown with a work of a cameraman Anna Rozhetskaya.
The searching for the leading roles actors have been taken a long time; actors were looked for not only Ufa, but in the whole Bashkortostan republic.
As a result, the twins were played by Aigiz and Nurgiz Takalovs from Zilairskiy area. The part of Shaura was played by Bashkir drama theatre actress Yulia Galiautdinova, Rita was played by Galya Vahitova, an actress and a tv-host. And the part of grandfather went to a famous director Azat Zaganshin. 

A cinema project addressed to national roots of bashkirians was realized with a 5 million grant of president as a part of Culture year. The “Arkaim Production” in the persons of the producer Fanil Galimov and the director Ainur Askarov studio has become a maker of the motion picture, with a participation of “Bashkortostan” cinema studio. 

It wasn’t the first time when a general manager of the “Leevandia Entertainment” company Ivan Lopatin has become a co-producer of the film. He collaborated with the director making such films as “Ambitious”, “We Are Not Slaves”, “Bitter Honey”



Same with the previous works won loads of different awards on cinema festivals a new film promises to become another festival success.
Made in 2015 the motion picture has already been selected in such international festivals as International Family Festival in Ankara (Turkey) and Cheboksary International Film Festival. 

The premiere admission in the cinema theatre “Saturn” is FREE.

Although for being sure you will attend the screening it is better to come 20 mins earlier and take an invitation tickets.
Organized groups starting with 5 people can take free invitation tickets with booked places leaving a request on the site http://sak-suk.ru/kontakty-studiya-arkaim-production. All you need to do is fill in all the required information and name the subject as «MOSCOW PREMIERE». You also should put the number of people and a contact number in the message.


The director Ainur Askarov, a general producer and the director of the «Arkaim Production» company Fanil Galimov, co-producer Ivan Lopatin, the second director and the leading actress Yulia Galyautdinova, art director Aigul Bairamgulova , a composer Kamil Abdullin, a producer Alina Shakirova and a sound director Yulai Taulbiaev will come to tell about the process of the film making.

Date and time: the 19th of April, 14:00
Adress: Snezhnaya street, 18 cinema theatre «Saturn» (Sviblova metro station).

Film will be screened on Bashkirian language with Russian subtitles. 

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