Short Cannes Program 2014

25 Jul 2014

On the 27th of July and 24th of August in the summer cinema theatre Pioneer there will be a special screening of selected Cannes short program films.  The screening is organized by the «Leevandia Entertainment» company with an information support of the Youth Centre of Filmmaking Union.

Within the films that will be screened during the event there will be such motion pictures as “Skunk” by Annie Silverstein that won the main award of Cinefondation program, and the film “Sonuncu” by the Russian director Sergey Pikalov selected for the main Cannes program. 

The program:


The 27th of Jul

Last Trip Home – by Han Fengu, Singapore
Sonuncu – by Sergey Pikalov Azerbaijan/Russia
Home Sweet Home – by Pierre Klenet / Alehandro Diaz / Roman Mazeye / Stefan Pakolla, France
Stone Cars – by Marcus Green, USA
A Radiant Life – by Meryl Hart, France
Provincia – by Giorgy Mor Karpati, Hungary

The whole timing – 102 minutes.

Gathering – 21:30
The beginning – 22:30

The 24th of August
Thunderbirds – by Lea Misius, France
Skunk – by Annie Silverstein, USA
The Execution – by Petra Zhox, Hungary
The Visit – by Inbar Horesh, Israel
Moonless Summer / Leto Bez Meseca – by Stefan Ivanchich, Serbia
Sourdough – by Fulvio Risuelo, Italy

The whole timing – 112 minutes.

Gathering – 20:30
The beginning – 21:30

All the film will be screened on original languages with Russian subtitles

Information about the films:

1. Last Trip Home
Han Fengu, Singapore – 25 min

Father and son, Chinese immigrants living in Singapore, decided to come back home on the only property they have: an old car.

The director’s biography: 
My name is Han Fengu. I fell into cinema as a child. When I was 11 I moved to Singapore from China with my parents. Three years later I’ve got a directing certificate and also studied art. Experimenting with different ways of self-expression I have been still looking for the own style.

2. Sonuncu
Directed by Sergey Pikalov, Azerbaijan/Russia – 15 min

A short film about the last living veteran of The Second World War.

An old man outlasted everyone. His friends, his wife, his children. An old fridge was making noises in a hall. The old man didn’t even remember the last time he’s spoken to living people. Every night he goes to bed to die. Waking up in the morning the old man went to the fridge. It was hard to call him a good talker: it jumped in the middle of the sentence or suddenly stopped making any noises. But the fridge was a good replacement for friends and wife. The last day has started as usual. The old man woke up and went to the veranda. But this time the fridge was dead...

Sergey Pikalov was born on the 11th of August 1976 in Yaroslavl. He finished drama college and worked in the Youth Theatre.  He put loads of plays both for children and adults. He’s known for tv-shows and tv-series. Was inspired by his grandfather – a veteran of The Second World War. 

3. Stone Cars
Directed by Marcus Green, USA – 14 min

A teen girl lives in a small but full of dangers town. Facing a terrifying event she need to make a difficult decision.

Raynaldo Marcus Green is a student in NYU Tisch School of the Arts. His films were shown in different parts of the world from Sundance to Cannes, got a distribution opportunity and also were shown on such famous channels as BET and HBO. As a result of working as an assistant with such directors as Kasi Lemmons and Todd Solondz Marcus Green was announced as a finalist in the Wasserman program and has got an amount of awards in the “New Your Directors” selection, including the very recent one – 2014 Media Services Producing Awards.

4. A Radiant Life
Directed by Meryl Hart, France – 17 min

1952. A hospitable city Marcel greets first occupants. There are 80 amongst them and soldiers from all over France. Someone was inspired for coming by Le Corbusier’s ideals. New comers have to get used to a new life and their new places in the society. Everyone reacts on it differently. 

The director’s note:
“At the beginning there was a desire to open up a genre of documentary drama and as an experiments I created a picture based on historical archives mixed up with an original script that shaped into the film after several months of research. My film tells about Marcel in 1952 and there is a young couple in the centre. It gives an opportunity to come back to the questions of 192-1953 about progress, fails and reconstruction.”

5. Provincia
Directed by Giorgy Mor Karpati, Hungary – 21 min

Otto works as a trucker in a grocery shop in Budapest. During the delivery to a village his lorry breaks and Otto appears in a place of archeological excavations. There he has to spend the day.

The director’s biography:
Giorgy Mor Karpati (1984) is a director and a scriptwriter from Budapest. At the beginning of 2000-ies his short stories were published in some literary magazines. He studied at the university of Cinema and Theatre on the directing faculty in Budapest. His short films were selected on huge international festivals. “Provincia” was screened in 2014 in Cannes Cinefondation program and “Forest” has become a participant of Berlin International Film festival in 2011. Currently the director has been working on a feature length film called “Luger”.

6. Home Sweet Home
Directed by Pierre  Klene/ Alehandro Diaz / Roman Mazeye / Stefan Pakolla, France

Each house is rich with its history. And some of them – with their adventures.

The directors' biography:
We are graduated students of «SUPINFOCOM» school in Arles, France. This film was made on our last year of studying. After graduating Alexandro works in «Dreamworks» company in Shanghai, Pierre – in London and Roman and Stefan in Paris.


1. Thunderbirds

Directed by Lea Misius, France – 24 mins

Antonin and Leonor are hunting for a lark. Antonin is as shy and gentle as his sister is persistent and tireless. Suddenly they’re attacked by a dog.

The director’s biography:
Lea Misius is studying on her last year of scriptwriters courses in the La Femis school. She is a director of Cadavre exquis, a short film of 2013, producing by G.R.E.C.  It won an award for the first narrative film on Clermont-Ferrand festival. The second short film of the director is called “Thunderbirds”.

2. Skunk
Directed by Annie Silverstein, USA – 16 min

A winner of Cinefondation selection in Cannes.

Brought up by a single mum in Texas a fourteen years-old Leila is attached to a pack of dogs saved from death. One morning she sees her favourite pitbull has ripped a skunk. Leila takes the dog to the nearest lake to wash him. There he meets a next door guy Marko, a big scandal lover. Flattered with his attention, Leila let him enter her personal world. After a compulsion to intimate connection their relationships are no longer under control. The girl has to protect those who she loves with a price of her purity.

The director’s biography:
Annie Silverstein is a director won loads of awards, a teacher in the media industry, currently living in Ostin, Texas. The author of a feature length documentary film Match Point (a participant of PBS-Independent Lens festival, 2008).
Annie is a founder of youth program NATIVE LENS and a co-founder of Longhouse Media, a non-commercial organization in the media art industry and an education for native Americans in Seattle, Washington.
The first short narrative film called “Spark” was screened on the SXSW festival in 2012 where it has won a special jury prize for the best Texas short. “Skunk” is the second narrative short film. It has become a participant of Cannes Cinefondation program in 2014 and has won a jury prize in the head of Abbas Kiarostami. Annie is a former student of Berlinale Talents Program. She also has got a master degree in Arts in Texas University, Ostin.

3. The Execution
Directed by Petra Zhox, Hungary – 14 min

1990, Cluj, Romania. Three children are playing in execution. Who will be playing for a victim? 


4. The Visit
Directed by Inbar Horesh, Israel – 27 min

Hagar comes to visit her father in a rest home in Jerusalem. She sees him without entering a room and decides to leave, but some further events make her stay there for the rest of the day. For the beginning one clumsy movement makes her change her clothes, then a woman’s wheelchair stucks in the hall and after all one of nurses thinks Hagar is a Russian cleaner. That’s how she becomes one of the staff member and dives into old people’s lives.

The director’s biography:
Inbar Horesh was born in 1988 and grew up in Jerusalem. She’s been studying Arabic in Tel Aviv University and then finished Minshar School Of Art in 2014, directing faculty. Her graduation work “The Visit” has become a participant of Cinefondation selection on the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. She lives in Tel Aviv and is currently working on the editing of her new feature length documentary called “Crossing” and also on the script for her new feature length narrative film.

5. Moonless Summer / Leto Bez Meseca
Directed by Stefan Ivanchich, Serbia – 31 min

Before leaving abroad a 16 y.o. Isidora is spending several days in a countryhouse of her childhood. In the idleness of summer she begins to feel anxious in the face of upcoming changes.

The director’s biography:
Stefan Ivanchich was born in Jugoslavia. Since 1991 to 2009 has lived in Barcelona where he’s got first degree in engineering. Currently Stefan is working on a new film called “The Load” by Ognen Glavonich with a support of Hubert Bals Fund. His short film “Soles de Primareva” (2013) was selected for more than 30 international festivals including FID Marseille, Rotterdam, San Sebastian, Torino, Seville. The world premiere of his documentary film “1973” took place on the Visions du Reel festival in April 2014.

6. Sourdough
Directed by Fulvio Rizuello, Italy – 15 min
The third place winner of Cinefondation Cannes Festival 2014

A crowd. A classical love triangle. But what if one of them is not a human? Moreover, he is made of dough, water and honey.

The director’s biography:
Fulvio Rizuello was born in Rome on the 30th of January in 1991. Studied directing in the Experimental Cinema Centre that he finished in 2014. During his three year studying he finished three short films: “Theremin”, “Ghigno Sardonico” and “Lievito Madre”. Also Fulvio is an actor and a comics author.

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