On the 29th on February the long-awaited premiere of the main Oscar short meters of 2019 took place (at the box office since March the 5th) in the main cinema of Moscow "KARO October"

11 Mar 2020

Consisting of dramatic films, including the winner "Skin", the almanac represents the most relevant and highly artistic motion pictures according to the main cinema academy.

At the beginning of the premiere screening, the films were presented by the film critic of the magazine “Art of Cinema” Eugene Maisel: "Thank you very much to the companies KARO Art and the World of Festivals”, which have been showing Oscars to the wide audience for many years. This year the program of the best short films of 2019 consists of three filmmakers from the United States and two films from the United Kingdom and Canada. Of course, the award still pays attention to the problem of racial hostility, which is the focus of the Oscar-winning film “Skin”. Also, perhaps the most thoughtful film of the whole almanac is the Canadian "Fauve" - the champion of representation at international festivals, including Sundance; and the motion picture "Sin Cielo" - a drama about modern slavery, or how people often do not notice or do not want to see the real evil".

- The winning film “Skin”, dedicated to racial hostility;
- Surreal animation "Weekend" about a little boy experiencing a divorce of his parents;
- a short film “Sin Cielo” about the impossible love of two teenagers;
- The motion picture “Wale” about a black guy dreaming of getting rid of the criminal past;
- the drama "Fauve" about the unusual friendship of two boys.

The seven thousand most successful filmmakers in the world determine the short list of the award. The films of the programme also participated in the prestigious Bafta Award, the Sundance Independent Film Festival, the Toronto Festival and many others.

Cities of releases: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Barnaul, Veliky Novgorod, Voronezh, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Kazan, Kirov, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Perm, Saratov, Stavropol, Surgut, Tomsk, Tyumen, Ulyanovsk, Khabarovsk, Yaroslavl.

The films will be shown in the original language with Russian subtitles. Total Duration: 98 minutes

Dir. Barnaby Blackburn, United Kingdom, 20 minutes

An eighteen-year-old guy is trying to establish his life and create a car repair business. But it is not so easy when you are black, and there is a criminal past behind your young soul.  

Nominee at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Member of the Norwich Film Festival


Interesting fact:
For the past 5 years, he has created several entertaining commercials for brands including the BBC, Nike, Lurpak and Land Rover, and worked with a wide range of talent such as Idris Elba, Charles Dance, Rutger Hauer and Kenneth Cranham. At the age of 26, he was awarded a BAFTA for his promo for the BBC’s coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Dir. Jeremy Comte, Canada, 17 minutes

Two boys enter a dangerous game with Mother Nature and each other, not realizing the danger of their venture.

Participant of the 2018 Sundance Festival Competition Program
Palm Springs ShortFest Member
Participant of the Toronto International Film Festival 2018


Director’s quote:
Growing up in rural Quebec, I used to spend days wandering in the woods with my best friend, pulling pranks on each other. It was important for “Fauve” to find two boys from the countryside that could personify this kind of childhood in its raw form,
through its parts of naivety and cruelty.

Dir. Trevor Jiminez, USA, 16 minutes

A dream-like mixture of the reality of a broken family and the perception of what is happening as a young child who is between two parents.

Member of Annecy International Animated Film Festival
Member of Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival


Interesting facts:
The idea of the film came in 2007, in 2011 Trevor started to work on the script. The actual filmmaking started in 2015 and took one year. 26 people were participating in the project.

Director’s quote:
Animated shorts are a little more time consuming than live-action shorts because you have to draw everything. It's very labor intensive, so like a 15-minute animated short, which is the runtime for Weekends, is pretty long, relative to other animated shorts. Usually, you'll see them in the six-minute range, six-to eight-minute range, so 15 minutes is pretty ambitious.

Sin Cielo/Вне Рая
Dir. Jianna Maarten, United States, 25 minutes

Two teenagers meet on the border of the United States and Mexico, unable to resist feelings for each other. Unfortunately, cruelty and violence reign in the world around them, and love doesn’t take place here.

Member of the 2018 Sose 5th International Film Festival
Member of Cork International Film Festival
Member of Palm Springs International ShortFest
Member of Los Angeles Film Festival
HBO NY Latino Film Festival Urbanworld Member
Member of Brussels Shorts Film Festival


Interesting Facts:
The film is based on real stories taking place in the La Frontera area in northeast of Mexico. The abduction of young women and girls is one of the biggest problems in modern Mexico. The country is considered the second most dangerous place for women in the world after Brazil, but due to the increased level of drug crime and the corruption, women's rights are being postponed as a secondary problem.

Dir. Guy Nattiv, USA, 20 minutes (2019 winner)

In a small supermarket in a provincial American town, a black man smiles at a white boy through the counter. This action fires a trigger, and a real war begins between two different worlds.

Member of Edinburgh Short Film Festival
Member of Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
Member of Brussels Short Film Festival
Member of the Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) in 2019


Director’s quote:
“I read an article about this Neo-Nazi father in Arizona who taught his son how to shoot Mexicans at the border. He has this underground militia with his buddies and one night this guy was coming home from a drunk at a bar and his son thought he was an intruder and he took his father’s gun and killed him. This guy had taught his son to hate and it was late at night, and his son thought he was African-American and he killed him. This unfortunate cycle of violence evoked this idea of a short”.

The screening is organized by The World Of Festivals company.

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