A video clip series for the bank Vostochniy

16 Mar 2018

“Leevandia Entartainment” has made a series of video clips for the bank Vostochniy.

The “Leevandia Entertainment “company headed by the general producer Ivan Lopatin has made a cycle of commercial video clips for the bank Vostochniy. Film shoots took place in the chroma key pavilion on the Pravda street.

The leading part came to the actress Anna Bachalova. The casting was hard but Anna has become the best for the host role. The author of such projects as “Alive” and “Love” Yana Klimova-Yusupova took on the role of the director. Andrey DeBabov acted as a cameraman. Experienced and professional he has shot a lot of short features. A strong professional team of “Leevandia” realizes the most difficult and surprising ideas of the clients and it has become our visiting card.

The advertisement is directed on clients’ attention to best-in-class products of the bank: a cash credit “Seasonal”, a debit card “Card No 1” and a new product, a credit card “Big percent free” with unique conditions. The video clips made by a creative team will be broadcasted in regional programs of the federal channels, such as “the 1st channel”, “Russia 1”, “NTV”, “STS”, “TNT”, “RBK”, “Domashniy”, “Match TV”, “Friday” and etc., including local tv-programs. In a majority of the cities the TV commercial of the bank will be supported by banners on the street billboards and in Saint-Petersburg it will include the metro.

The atmosphere of successful future and confidence reigns in the video.

“Vostochniy bank” was formed in 1991 in Blagoveshensk. Nowadays it is one of the biggest private retail banks around Russia. It has one of the most many-tentacled local stretch.

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