China International New Media Short Film Festival

05 Dec 2017

China International New Media Short Film Festival is one of the most important short film festivals in China.

Its main goal is to develop the industry, to find and support talents and also encourage a cultural exchanging between different countries.

One of the important parts of the festival is an international film market  where representatives of cinematograph from all over the world are target to get. The event takes place in a free-trade-zone – Shenzhen city, that has transformed from a small village into the technological centre of Shenzhen in 30 years.  Shenzhen develops so fast that has already managed to become an indispensable part of Chinese film industry. Asia catches up East countries very quickly and cinema makers from all over the world should keep it in minds. Therefore, it is the second year when “The World Of Festivals” presents domestic pictures on the festival.
Ivan Lopatin, a general manager and the head of “The World Of Festivals”:
“The collaboration with China is interesting for everyone: participants from more than 20 countries have come to the festival, including foreign directors. There were Poland, Spain, Korea, China and other different pavilions on the festival. Our company represented Russia. It was our second time when we made on a cinema market. This collaboration is fruitful for both sides. This time we have brought films from different regions of Russia and that made Chinese very happy. Yakutian picture “Father’s Girl”, “Ambitious” – a film from Bashkortostan republic, a film from the central part of the country – “Once Upon A Time”. All of the films show cultural diversities of our enormous country. We had some interesting talks with different Chinese companies and hope on the further collaboration with them.”

The organizers of the festival are Culture, Sports & Tourism Administration of Shenzhen Municipality and Guangming New District Administration Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, alongside with Shenzhen Media Group – an owner of all the media here: more than 10 tv-channels, radiostations, magazines, newspapers and now a film festival with a cinema market.

Lucy Yakovleva – a festival coordinator

«Our stand showed up through others with its beauty and colours, posters’ quality and so-called “happy hours” when we offered Russian sweets and traditional drinks. A piece of non-work atmosphere only stimulated an interest for our stand. And it was the only one from Russia. We’ve taken important contacts from China, Spain, France, Poland and met directors of foreign festivals who are happily willing to make special programs for Russian films. The organization was on a very high level – festival’s coordinators always helped, told us about latest parties and meetings, where and when we were to meet and so on.

A participation in any cinema market gives a big experience and, of course, a chance for profitable deals. Speaking of Asia – a participation in Chinese cinema market opens a lot of opportunities and knowledge, it is a completely different world: people live differently, make different films. The more meetings you make the more you start to understand their culture, their problems and the ways for the further collaboration. “
This year “The World Of Festivals” has brought such films as:

Feature films:

1. “Father’s Girl” by Tatyana Everstova
2. “Redemption” by Oleg Chervonyak
3. “Once Upon A Time” by Eduard Parr
4. “Metamorphosis” by Tatyana Voronetskaya
5. “Wandering” by Anna Simakova
6. “Talion’s principal” by Alisa Kurganskaya, Lilia Trophimova
7. “Judas” by Andrey Bogatirev
8. “Archipelago” by Tatyana Voronetskaya
9. “White Nights” by Tatyana Voronetskaya
10. “About The War” by Andrey Bogatirev

Short films:
1. “Labelled” by Violetta Moshkova
2. “Without rehearsals” by Narkas Iskandarova
3. “Chernomor” by Oleg Urazaikin
4. “New Boy” by Maria Sopova
5. “Call sign” by Alexander Goh
6. “Luba” by Yulia Melnikova
7. “The Last Leaf” by Ekaterina Uvarova
8.  “Allergic To The Truth” by Olga Ryashina
9. “Fay” by Margarita Volkova
10.  “A Cloud And A Whale” by Alena Tomilova
11.  “A Spider Web” by Natalya Chernisheva
12. “1937” by Svetozar Golovlev
13.  “Doctor” by Anna Goroyan
14. “Wardrobe Lady” by Ekaterina Golubeva-Poldi
15. “F5” by Timofey Zhalnin
16. “Ambitious” by Ainur Askarov
17. “A Clover’s Colour” by Pavel Seplyarskiy
18. “A Blockade” by Olga Prihudailova
19. “Closer Than It Seems” by Natalya Belyauskune
20.  “Mum” by Kirill Pletnev
21. “A Free Day” by Natalya Bochkareva
22. Love” by Yana Klimova-Yusupova
23. “Sea Of Desires” by Shota Gamisonia

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