Global Russians on the 69th Cannes Film Festival

21 Apr 2016
From the 12th to the 22nd of May there will be a traditional “Global Russians” screening in Russian pavilion on the Cannes Film Festival.

“Global Russians” has been existing for several years. It is one of the most famous projects appeared with an initiative of ROSKINO and Ekaterina Mzituridze.

Russian pavilion is presented on the Cannes Film Festival and Marche Du Film for the 9th time. It is a good chance for our cinema makers to open a united universal platform for promotion of Russian films abroad. 

Russian delegation embassy on the Cannes Film Festival was organized by ROSKINO with a financial support of the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture and Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.

Alongside with a press conference and projects’ presentation there will be a presentation of Russian Short Films Almanac.

An annual DVD-almanac will also be presented in the Short Film Corner section of the Cannes Film Festival. The program will include the works of former students of WordShop academy, VGIK, RATI, Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology, Ravensbourne university.

As Ekaterina Mzituridze said, the program proofs its effectiveness from year to year: “We are not planning to remold Global Russians, but we are planning to extend the program. Half of those who presented their films this year have already made their feature lengths pictures and I think it is a phenomenal result. Besides, this year we broadened the geography of cinema schools, because Russian cinema is not only Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Russian regions; we wanted to show that it exists abroad, too.”

It is the third year when Leevandia Entertainment takes responsibility for DVD-discs design.

2016 edition will include such films as:

“Allergic To The Truth”

Directed by Olga Ryashina (Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology, Cambridge, England; Ravensbourne college, London, England)
15 mins

Ivan sneezes every time he hears the truth. It could be quite alright but not with his asthma. He has to live in a village where people always lie to him.


Directed by Lika Lipskaya (VGIK)
15 mins

It is a story about two lost teenagers. Light and touching tale about immortality of love and kindness that will be close both to adult and teen audience. 

“He Was His Friend”

Directed by Evgeniy Puzirevski (Art and Culture college of Sverdlov)
27 mins

After failing to commit his first murder, an aspiring serial killer decides that the most rational way to get started is to kill a friend who totally trusts you. This is how a lonely mentally unstable guy meets a naive next-door boy.


Directed by Nikita Tamarov (WordShop academy)
15 mins

What if relationships of customers-operators were put in an absurd sphere? For example, grandfather’s funeral. The family wants to change some details after the body has already been sung and dug into a grave according to all rules. Contract labors have to fins the ways…


Directed by Tamilla Slichenko (GITIS)
14 mins

Father sacrifices his life for helping his daughter to escape poverty. It is considered as a sin in church and they refuse to sing a requiem for him.


Feauture length films that are releasing in 2016-2017 will also be presented in Cannes.

A general manager of the Russian World Studios company Yuriy Sapronov told about several big projects including a sport drama “Versus” by Nurbek Egen. The story made alongside with the Russian Federation sambo has already been released in Los Angeles and will come out in autumn 2016. The leading role was performed by Alexey Chadov who had been doing combat for a year to play in the film. Ninety percent of inspiration is perspiration, they say.

The second project is “Thriller Family” (directed by Mikhail Vainberg) where the leading part was performed by a dog that has been training for three years for the film.

There will also be a press conference with Moscow International Film Festival in Russian pavilion and the audience will know what will become a cherry on the top for this year’s edition. New local projects will be presented in a show-case “Focus on new Russian cinema-2016” for sale agents and distributors.

There are such films within these projects as “Bolshoy” by Valeriy Todorovskiy (the film about Bolshoy Theatre), “The Time Of Pioneers” by Yuriy Bikov (Timur Bekmakbetov took on producing duties), a motion picture “The Duelist” by Alexey Mizgiryaev with Petr Fyodorov as a leading role. As an exception organiztors selected a documentary film by Ylya Lagutenko “Sailor, SOS!”.

ROSKINO has become a partner of cinema market with a special status this year: the market is focused on Russian cinema. Such a privilege gives lots of opportunities to a chosen country.

Ekaterina Mzituridze also summarized Berlin and Hong Kong screenings: “Russian films’ sales increased in 5 times, it is a very big result. There were several deals in Berlin and Hong Kong for 1,5-2 million dollars. It is a huge success for Russian cinema industry."

Russian pavilion site http://www.ruspav.com/

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