F5 – the best short film of the year is now availavle online

27 Dec 2013

“F5”. The best short film of the year is now available online.

“The World Of Festivals” (festivals department of Leevandina Entertainment) decided to make a New Year present for those who are not indifferent for new short films.

“F5”, a short film by Timofey Zhalnin, is now available online.

Two students of Chelyabinsk cultural university, Katya and Galya, are going on the international festival with their choreographic performance.  The girls are sure their modern number will steal the audience’s heart. And that means fame, glory and the world of big art are waiting for them...

A bright story about a choice a person has to make and what price comes with a deal with yourself has stolen the hearts of the audience on the 24th edition of CINEMATAUR festivalth edition of CINEMATAUR festival. A jury headed by Boris Hlebnikov has made a decision to give a grand-prize to “F5”. Besides, the film was awarded with the prize of film experts and film critics’ guild of Russia.

The film was selected for Short Film Corner on the worldwide famous festival in Cannes, has got prizes on the biggest international student festival in Europe Film Festival SEHSUECHTE (Germany), International music&cinema festival MEDIAWAVE (Hungary) and International Short Film Festival Pentedattilo Film Festival (Italy). The film also took part in Lubliana International Short Film Festival (Slovenia), Monaco Charity Film Festival (Monaco), Romania International Film Festival (Romania), Thess International Film Festival (Greece), Zubroffka International Short Film Festival (Poland).

“F5” has lots of victories on different Russian festivals to its name. Such as: Artkino.; Cinemadraft; Inception; PeterKit; PROview; Open Cinema; Shorter; New Horizon; Festival Of Festivals; KINOLIKBEZ; Frame, go and many others.

On the biggest Russian festival of student and debut films “Saint Anna” Timofey Zhalnin’s film not only got the main prize in the narrative films’ competition, but also won the prizes for the best cameraman work and the best cast. It also got the Mihalkov Award and won a special prize from “Roskino” – a participation in the Global Russians program on Cannes festival.

Awarded with prizes the work of cameraman was put on Anna Rozhetskaya’s shoulders; the main roles were played by Darya Barabanova and Irina Tolchilshikova.

According to the director’s words, the main goal was not to find professional actresses but to find those who have come through exhausting rehearsals, frustration, come through the problem of choosing that always accompany creative persons. The subject of the film is familiar to Timofey Zhalnin himself. Before entering the government cinema university in Saint Petersburg in 2007 he worked as the head and the director of plastic theatre “LUKSORR”. With their chorographic performances Timofey visited lots of cities and he knows the inner life of different festivals, the hopes and dreams of all the participants. “F5” has become a graduating work of the director, who has made several short films during his studying: “Sweet 16”, “Railway Romance”,  “Matches”, “The Draft”, “Alchemist”, “Booth”.

Timofey’s uni colleagues Dmitriy Zhidkov and Evgenia Braginez and also Ivan Lopatin (a general manager of the Leevandia Entertainment company) took on the roles of producers for the film. 

Currently Timofey Zhalnin has been working on his first feature length film “Disappearance”. The producing part has also come to Leevandia Entertainment.


“Disappearance” is a severe story of a young couple’s unusual love on the back of cruel nature of Taiga. The film is based on a real story once happened in Siberia – a home land of the director. This summer the crew visited its places for the first time and we’re publishing the chosen places for the film here.


The shooting process will start in 2014 and now the casting work and the finance searching are being done. 

The partners of the new film are the Youth Filmmakers union of Russia, VKONTAKTE, ROSKINO, GLAVKINO and StarLand.

The film’s release is planned on 2015 and, quoting the general producer and the head of the Leevandia Entertainmnet company, Ivan Lopatin, it will be one of the most forthcoming project of the next year.

And for now we suggest watching a short film “F5”.

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