Our films continue to participate in festivals and win awards

08 Aug 2013

The work of the “Leevandia Entertainment” and “The World Of Festivals” companies doesn’t stand still. Our films have been parts of competitions on different festivals and continue participating in different cinema events.

The films “F5” (by Timofey Zhalnin) and “The Norm Of Life” (by Evgeniy Byalo) were screened within the 7th International Film Festival of Andrey Tarkovskiy, The Mirror that recently took place in Ivanovskaya area. 

The festival named after the brightest Russian director hasn’t given any awards to the films but gave them an opportunity to demonstrate their works in front of the audience and jury members. 

“F5” (by Timofey Zhlanin) and “We Are Not Slaves” (by Ainur Askarov) took part in the Saint Petersburg International Film Festival “The Festival Of The Festivals”. This festival doesn’t have an official selection and a competition part but it is a big event for film lovers as it includes only the best Russian and European films that were marked on other international festivals in its program. 

This year the most part of the program was given to the short films section. 

The motion picture “The Norm Of Life” by Evgeniy Byalo participated in Cannes Film Festival in May and now is about to go to the locan Kansk Film Festival which takes place in a small Syberian town in the end of August. The festival has a similar name to the famous Cannes Film festival, but the Syberian Kansk tries to avoid mainstreams, showing a modern experimental cinema. For the past 11 years the festival awards its participants not with Golden Palm, but with Golden Palm’s Clipper. 

There are also international film festivals where our motion pictures took part in.

Thus, our films “F5” (by Timofey Zhalnin), “Away” (by Anna Saruhanova) and “We Are Not Salves” by Ainur Askarov were shown in the Tribute to Russian Film Schools section on the Monaco Charity Film Festival which demonstrates films for lower-income children from all over the world and helps to find financial sources for indigent directors.

At the beginning of August the participant of Cannes Film Festival and Kinotaurus competition, the film “The Norm Of Life” by Evgeniy Byalo also was selected on the Italian festival Shortini Film Festival.

Speaking about the last victories of the “Leevandia Entertainment” and “The World Of Festivals” companies we can’t help mentioning the cinematography prize on Latvian short films festival Open Place to the film “F5” by Timofey Zhalnin.

One of the participants of the competition, a young director from Finland, Mika Hotakaien, especially marked Timofey Zhalnin’s film and said: “Why aren’t Russian films shown in Finland? Why do we watch Hollywood only? I am sure my friends would come to see “F5”: such a drive, such an editing, the idea! But the film will never be released in our box office!”

Likely, the jury also didn’t doubt the director Timofey Zhalnin would receive many prizes in the future. 

The company has a new project – a documentary film of 2013, “Bitter Honey” by Ainur Askarov. 

The motion picture tells us about a 72 years old man who’s waiting for his grandchildren to visit him. Risking his life he is going to find wild honey that is situated high in hives.

The world premiere of the film will take place in September on Kazan International Muslim Film Festival.

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