Ainur Askarov’s work is honoured by one of the most important festivals in Europe

25 Feb 2013


Another work by Ainur Askarov is honoured by one of the most important festivals in Europe.

European Festival of Independent Films (ECU) gladly selected the film “We Are Not Slaves” for the main competition. The motion picture of a young Bashkirian director was mentioned in the press-release of the festival:


<…> “Also, one of the brightest films on the festival is Ainur Askarov’s “We Are Not Slaves” – the story of a small Russian boy during the Siege of Leningrad in World War 2.”

With his film “Ambitious” Ainur Askarov has already won more than 30 prizes on different festivals.

The “Leevandia Entertainment” and “The World Of Festivals” companies are happy for they could make input into the development of the cinema and to show the world the bright and interesting films we can and love to make!

Wishing the best of luck on the festival and waiting for the awards!

The European Independent Film Festival

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