Ivan Lopatin will read a lecture in Ekaterinburg

07 Feb 2013


The producer of the “Leevandia Entertainment” Ivan Lopatin will read a lecture in Ekaterinburg.

The Sverdlovsk Film Studios is 70 years old!

Due to this great jubilee the best representatives of the film industry were invited to the event. 


Amongst them will be Ivan Lopatin.
Ivan will tell about festivals as instruments of creating the cinema industry. During 50 minutes Ivan will mark the most interesting and useful information about the subject he’s so familiar with, will show an interesting Belgium film that has more than 30 victories around the whole world. After the lecture all the participants will receive small presents – the calendar of the best film festivals from all over the world. Apart from the lecture the visitors can await for many interesting things around the film industry, including interactive tasks. Young scriptwriters will be able to “catch” producers and to share their ideas with the best of them.

The event will take place on the 9th of February at 10:00 in the business centre Kontinent, Lenin prospect, 50B in Ekaterinburg. 

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