“Leevandia Entertainment” reaches an international collaboration

26 Oct 2018

“Leevandia Entertainment” reaches an international collaboration

The “Leevandia Entertainment” company has made a commercial video clip for Chinese partners of the AELF company. We continue our journey on the conquest of the future industry and collaborate with the most progressive clients, because AELF is a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network.

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AELF is based on three aspects that make the company’s work special: the nodes’ work is in hand of cloud server, every smart-contract works on its own blockchain, tokens’ holders vote for decision making.

The founder of the company is Ma Haobo – the world’s famous blockchain expert, a member of Blockchain Experts’ Commission of Chinese Institute of Electronics and China Computer Federation.

We are very happy to collaborate with the biggest figures of the blockchain industry. Every new client of such a high level helps our company to grow and conquer peaks in the world of graphics, design and commerce.

The video clip was made by irreplaceable professional team of Leevandia:

Ivan Lopatin – producer, the founder of the “Leevandia Entertainment” and “The World Of Festivals”companies.

Alexander Lutikov – computer animation designer, director.

Stanislav Polesko – composer.

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