“Leevandia Entertainment” has made a video clip for Pavel Durov’s TON – Telegram Open Network project

09 Oct 2018

“Leevandia Entertainment” has made a video clip for Pavel Durov’s TON – Telegram Open Network project

In 2017 Telegram reached the point of 180 million users and every day this number increases by 500 thousands. The users send more than 70 billions messages per day. It is an unprecedented occurrence in the newest history of technologies.

Pavel Durov decided to summarize his achievements and experience to create a brand new project – his own crypto currency GRAM. The hype around crypto currency doesn’t end and Pavel is – as always - ahead of the game.

Telegram will give an opportunity to commit transactions without intermediaries. It hasn’t existed before. The main priority of the new platform will be the speed and the safety of the operations. Reminding: Telegram has remained the only mass-communication tool that doesn’t give any information about its users when other platforms have already given up. Moreover, TON was made as an inherently scalable blockchain system that will allow the users to maintain an indefinite number of operations.

Modern society lives in two dimensions: a real one and a virtual one. But hasn’t come to this realization yet. Pavel Durov – as an architect of the era -leads us to the deep comprehension of a new reality, showing us humanistic abilities of technologies that can make the life better.
Telegram’s philosophy is honesty, openness and the progress directing to the acknowledged mankind’s existence.

The shooting of the clip was on the “Leevandia Entertainment” team’s shoulders:

Alexander Lutikov – director, computer animation designer.
Alexander is a professional with a many years’ experience. In the co-operation with “Leevandia” he has already made commercial clips for the Blackmoon company.
Ivan Lopatin – producer.
Ivan is a general manager, a founder of the companies “Leevandia Entertainment” and “The World Of Festivals”, a producer of loads of Russian films.
Stanislav Polesko – composer.
Stanislav wrote music for such films as “The Last Night”, “Son”, “The Flight. Three Days After The Catastrophe” and so on.
Sergey Ovarchenko – post production sound director.
In 2008 Sergey finished VGIK University on the faculty of sound directing of the films and TV. A nominee for a “Golden Eagle” award for the best sound design of the film “Everyone Will Die But Me” by Valeria Guy Germanika.

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