A Happiness bird in the Ministry of culture

01 Jun 2017

The Ministry of Culture’s pitch-session. The film by Yana Klimova-Yusupova “A Hapiness Bird”.

The “Leevandia Entertainment” company and the general producer Ivan Lopatin will introduce their new project to the Ministry of culture. It will be the first feature film by Yana Klimova-Yusupova called “A Happiness Bird”.

The film will tell about a former intelligent, who spent 18 years of his life in prison, and a 18 y.o. provincial singer. They both come to Moscow at the same time and realize there’s no place for them in that blistering city. But mutual support and belief in kindness work magic. The leading parts came to the “Satirikon” theatre actor Timofey Tribuntzev and Christina Isaikina. Such actors as Darya Ekasamova, Marat Basharov and Alena Babenko – also a co-producer of the picture – took part in the project.

Yana Klimova-Yusupova is a graduated VGIK student. She’s been studying at Valeriy Ahadov’s workshop; and he has also become a mentor of the project. Yana has made two short films which have won different awards on both Russian and international film festivals. The place of a cameraman went to a graduated VGIK student Andrey DeBabov.

The film will be released in spring, 2019.

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