Russian films’ festival in Tunisia

18 Apr 2012

From the 31st of March to the 17th of April Russian films’ festival took place in Tunisia for the second time. An annual festival is supported by Tunisian association of cultural exchange ATES. It was founded by Tunisian-Russian director Naas Skander in a cooperating with Tunisian professionals and film lovers.

Leevandia Entertainment presented 8 films on the festival. Amongst them were “Eternal Dreams About Happiness” (by Andrey Popov), “When I Imagine A Far Planet” (by Nikolay Yakimchuk), “Node” and “Blue Bone” (by Kuzma Vostrikov), “Sea Of Desires” (by Shota Gamisonia), “Teeth On The Shelf” (by Yulia Solomonova), “Ambitious” (by Ainur Askarov), “Witch” (by Artem Semakin), “1937” (by Svetozar Golovlev).

A special meeting with Tunisian ministry of culture was organized for the participants – for an experience exchange, realizing of future projects.

The detailed information can be found here.

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