Roundtable discussion on the subject of “Distribution and promotion of young-adult cinema”

06 Dec 2012

On the 8th of December 2012 at 16:00 there will be a roundtable discussion in the filmmaking union on the subject of distribution and promotion of young-adult cinema.

What will happen if we gather the most famous filmmakers with a successful experience in the production and the promotion of motion pictures for local and foreign festivals in the same place at the same time for several hours?

A bright, effective, ambitious discussion will happen. And the subject is distribution and promotion of young-adult films.

Every willing person can participate in the discussion that will take place on the eve of the nominee and winning films’ screening from the 32nd International VGIK Film Festival. 

The list of the participants can’t help impressing. There are such masters as:
  • Ivan Lopatin – the general producer of the filmmaking company “Leevandia Entertainment” that promotes and products short films. The Berlinale Talent Campus- 2010 & Producer Network-2011 (Cannes Film Festival) participant.
  • Georgiy Molodtzov – a film director, a vice-president of a non-fiction film and TV guild, the winner of film festivals, a jury coordinator of a documentary program “Free thought” within Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), a producer, an editor of a talk show “Watch. Discuss” on a Culture TV-channel, the head of master classes about the social advertisement production and using new media and social medias in social advertisement, cinema editing and documentary.
  • Ivan I. Tverdovski – a film director, a complier of the short film program for MIFF, a nominee of local and foreign film festivals in a short film category.
  • Vasilisa Orestova – a general director GBUK “Moscow Cinema”.

Roundtable discussion will take place in the convention hall of FM Russia (Vasilievskaya street, 13) at 16:00.


The organizers of the event: the youth centre of the filmmaking union of the RF, Filmmaking union of Russia, VGIK

The screening of the nominees and the winners of the 32nd MIFF edition will take place after the roundtable discussion – at 18:00 in the white house of the Cinema House.

All the information you can get with the following numbers: 8 (499) 251-34-46, 8 (499) 254-73-92, 8 (926) 223-54-72, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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