Иди к черту

Иди к черту

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  • Режиссер: Arne Toonen

Даже удачно начавшееся увлекательное приключение иногда превращается в настоящий кошмар...

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    Biography Arne Toonen

    Arne Toonen is an artist, runs an online gallery called Prints and the Revolution but is most of all a director.

    He graduated from the Arnhem art academy in 1998.

    After working for two years as a setbuilder, editor and clapper loader he is accepted at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam and can start in the second year. In 2003 he graduates with seven filmprojects of which the two 25 minute films Faja and Anderland.

    During his graduation year he joins hazazaH film, where he mainly directs music videos and TV- commercials.

    Since 2008 he has been focusing more towards fiction. He directed the One Night Stand Keep Holland Clean, five episodes of the comedy series Schnitzelparadijs and the short film Oh Deer! for the Netherlands Film Festival 2008. His NPS short Drop Dead! premieres at the Netherlands Film Festival 2009.

    Recently he co-founded hazazaH Pictures to produce more quality films and to become a serious contender. 

    Currently Arne is working on his first feature film.


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