Холодный метод

Холодный метод

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  • Режиссер: Джуст Вандебраг

Рекламный ролик, выполненный в технике покадровой съемки для бренда Cold Method.

  • Режиссер

    Joost Vandebrug (28) studied VAV (Previously Audio Visual) at Amsterdam's Gerrit Rietveld University of Arts for 2 years and trained with photographer and filmmaker Erwin Olaf. In 1997 he began photographing and after having lived and worked in Melbourne for a year, he gradually transferred his focus to fashion photography.

    His arrival onto the Amsterdam fashion-, street- and music scene was heralded by Blend magazine quite soon. He exhibited his project “New Faces” at the Museum of Photography Amsterdam, ‘Foam’, very soon.

    “New Faces” introduced the essence of Vandebrug’s work.

    In 2009 Vandebrug started to film and found this medium to be the most ideal for his projects. Ever since he even executes lighting, directing and editing all by himself. He prefers to reduce the scale of a production team to a minimum in order to protect his unique creative signature in filming. The coherence that he achieves then stems from the subject, rather than from the choice of technique.

    In 2010 Joost moved to London. His films, inspired by East London stood out to film festivals such as the international film festival Rotterdam and a shaded view on fashion in Paris.

    Magazines and online platforms such as Vogue Italia, Digital, Dazed Digital, Wonderland T.V are fond of Joost?s style of work and praise him for being able to catch the energetic attitude of today?s boy culture in combination with the tragic beauty that lies beneath it.
    His main subjects, such as fragile adolescence and the vague balance of coming of age settings, are a red line throughout his work. 

    Management: Manja Otten

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    • Холодный метод
    • Холодный метод
    • Холодный метод
    • Холодный метод

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