16 Jan 2019

The mind training from Leevandia

From the 1st of February special screenings of our programme “The Games of Mind” will take place in the cinema theatre “Oktyabr”. Five short films that make you think: “am I the master of my brain? Or is it my brain the master of mine?”

28 Dec 2018

New Year’s wishes from VTB-leasing

Leasing is a long-term car rent with an opportunity of a further purchase ondepreciable value’s conditions.

20 Dec 2018

Leevandia Entertainment provides you with a New Year’s mood

From the 29th of December 2018 in the cinema theatres “Pioneer”, “Oktyabr” (Moscow) and DC “Varshavskiy Express” (Saint Petersburg) special screenings of our New Year programme “Happy New Year Shorts” will take place.

26 Oct 2018

“Leevandia Entertainment” reaches an international collaboration

The “Leevandia Entertainment” company has made a commercial video clip for Chinese partners of the AELF company. We continue our journey on the conquest of the future industry and collaborate with the most progressive clients, because AELF is a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network.

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